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Aug 03, 2017

I know there is numerous threads re this but i need solutions if possible. I work in Training & Development in a large organisation of nearly 15,000 people. My company has recently bought articulate storyline 2 to expand learning capabilities. I now find out that I can't use flash based content with storyline for security reasons and also you don't support HTML5 based content on IE11, which practically every PC in the organisation is running!

Is Articulate completely useless to me now and would i have this problem with adobe captivate?

sorry for the frustration!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brendan,

How long ago did you purchase Storyline 2? I'd suggest talking with our Customer care team about the timing to see what the options would be. 

We released Storyline 3 (and Articulate 360) recently and both have the option for HTML5 only or first as a part of publishing.  You may want to review the information here. 

If you're using the HTML5 output, you could instruct users to view it in the browsers mentioned here. Although IE11 isn't one of them, you may want to look at how the course behaves for you there to see if it meets your needs. It isn't supported with Storyline 2, but IE11 and browser such as Firefox have improved their HTML5 support since Storyline 2 was released. 

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