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May 17, 2016


I reviewed many dozen of tutorials and they are great, but my wetware memory not so :(

I want to have a clip switch over to a overlay layer. So I put a cue point, created the layer and filled the information that needs displaying. I put a trigger on the base layer to show the overlay layer when the cue point is reached. 

I saw somewhere how to freeze the clip once the cue point is reach but no matter what keywords I used I cant find that tutorial again. 

Next issue: on the overlay layer I want a button that prompts the user to continue, and I would like that button to be the same and same location on all the overlay layers I will use. Copying and pasting did not seem to do the trick (same for other objects on layers). Surely that is possible, but what am I missing? Is there a way to do a library of assets that gets reused over and over ?

Third issue I am struggling with: when I switch from the cue point in the base layer to the slide layer, the video shows, under the slide layer, the initial frame of the video, not the frame of the cue point, so pointing at features of that particular frame is hard. Also I suppose a user error... but I cant find a solution !

Help ! and thanks !

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Walt Hamilton

1. Set the layer to pause the base layer timeline. Find it by clicking the gear to the right of the layer name.

2. Click on View -> Feedback Master and create a button on the blank layout where you want it to be and give it a trigger. It will show up on every new layer. (If you want a layer without the button, copy the blank layout without the button before you start.

3. When you pause the timeline of the base layer, this won't be a problem, unless the video is not playing when you pause.

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