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Jul 29, 2020

I am having some scoring issues with my Articulate Storyline end of module review exams.  All questions are multiple choice.  Students seem to be making one score in Articulate Storyline, but my LMS (Litmos) is registering a different score, normally much lower.  

I'm researching and reading a lot and I wonder if I should set "all" of the slides in my modules to "reset to initial state."  Would this be the best way to help with my issue?  Also, would I add this input for all layers?  Right now I have a combination of resume saved state and let Articulate decide.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Judy Nollet

For quizzes, I use the "Automatically decide" revisiting option, because Storyline knows how to handle question slides (e.g., when to allow the user to click a response, when to show feedback, and what to do for a review). 

It sounds like you're seeing the correct scores (percent and points) within the course, but not in the LMS. See if it works in the SCORM Cloud; if so, then it's an issue with your LMS. If the same problem occurs there, there's something going on in your file. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi John!

I wanted to follow up from this conversation and see if you were able to test the course in SCORM cloud?

If so, did you find the scoring was incorrect there as well? 

If you can share your project file with us, we'd be happy to test it out as well! You can also upload your file to our Support Engineers.

John Mayfield


I just uploaded two modules to the support team from your link above.  Thank you!  I’m so discouraged, reading and looking at all options but nothing is working.  I just tested again, made 100% on my quiz and the LMS is recording 88%.

I am wondering if it is something on my results slide, a trigger, etc.  However, I did remove my results slide and draw from question bank slide and started fresh with nothing fancy, no passing requirements, etc. and still had different passing scores (less than 100%) showing up in my LMS.

Thank you for your help.


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