HELP! Html5 output issues!

Aug 28, 2013


I just need help with these issues, maybe you could help me. Basically the problems/issues appear html5 output and IPad. The Articulate Player is not an option for my client.

1.) Text when published is blurry especially on HTML5

2.) Left navigation/menu does not expand automatically when I click next.

3.) When I advanced to Knowledge check #2 and then went back to Knowledge Check #1, additional prev and next buttons appears(the hidden prev/next appear)

4.)Highlights on menu dont automatically change when we move on to other pages.

5.) The expand arrows on menu are really hard to click on the IPad.

I would really appreciate it if you can help me with these issues.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paolo and welcome to Heroes!

I published your course and tested it on my iPad and here's what I found

1) The text only seemed blurry on the images, for example on slide 1.3 and slide 1.9. 

2) Your player menu was pre-collapsed within the settings, if you'd like it to expand as you continue and based on where you are in the course and they're appearing as set up and described here.  If you open them all to begin with, you can set it to Auto collapse as the learner continues. 

3) I couldn't recreate this - I saw the same prev/next buttons throughout. Do you have a screenshot you could share?

4) The player menu highlights are showing where you've been, not where you are. 

5) These are small, but it's a virtue of playing it on the  iPad and the overall size. 

There are also some inherent limitations to the HTML5 output in mobile Safari. Let us know if you have any other questions. 

Paolo Glorioso

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the answers. I just have one more question, when updating storyline, I believe there are already 3 updates and I havent updated mine since buying the product. My question is, do I have to update one by one or do I just download the latest update and it will automatically include the previous updates?

Thanks in advance!

Annie Fontaine


I have issues along the same line...

I just installed Version 6 because I was hoping to see it solves some Player Menu problems I have in html5.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to help...

When Previewing the course in Storyline, my Menu works like a charm... Section expand and collapse, I am able to go select a particular page and jump to it.

However, once in html5, my Menu functionnalities no longer work... Sections no longer expand and collapse when hovering and I am not able to navigate the course using the menu as i would normally intuitively do...

Can you please help?

I join the html5 output but I can't seem to add my .story... Is it maybe too big (54Mo)?



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