Issues with Video, portrait and landscape modes

Jul 09, 2014

Posted 1 hour ago

Hi all,

I have a problem with html5 output on I-pad

The problem is I have 10 slides course some slides having audio file and some of them having videos and I published the course to scorm 1.2/ scorm 2004 html5 enabled out put, When I upload the zip file into lms and launch the course in I-pad mainly two issues are coming

1 Video's are not playing if i click on video to play it was keep on loading but not loading and playing.

2 I am running in portrait mode when I switch to landscape mode layout was not fitting well in landscape view.

We are using sumtotal lms.

I am hardly searching solution for these issues so please please help me on fixing these issues, I have a delivery on next week so please help me if anyone knows about these thanks in advance.

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