Lost my source files moving Articulate Storyline 2 from old to new PC

Jun 15, 2017

Hi all

My PC was upgraded at work and I moved my Storyline 2 over from my old PC over to new PC. I copied over the Articulate files over but it appears to not carry over the source files only the output ones.

Does anyone know how Storyline 2 manages the source files  - where do they normally default to and what is the extension?

Thanks in advance



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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Alex.  The default saving location for your Articulate projects is in your user profile of the C: drive, in Documents > My Articulate Projects.

If you've changed that when saving a file, or if you've worked a file from your Downloads folder, it might have saved to another location.

I like to use my File Explorer search on the entire C: drive to look for *.story files if I'm in a pinch.

I hope that helps you locate your projects!

Alex Fuller

Hey thanks again Crystal I managed to get back all my old source files - phew!

My work computer split the files (weird huh!) between my C:drive and the network drive which meant I couldn't see  them.

The lesson I learnt was to back up, back up and back all your source files onto an external drive.

Thanks for your help!



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