Seeing an updated video at the same url

My learners are accessing my Storyline 2 videos from a website. My teaching content needs to be periodically updated, so I have to delete the old video files and upload the revised Storyline 2 videos to my website host file manager.  The new video file is correctly loaded because a new learner who has not previously accessed the url can see the new video. But an established learner still sees the old video when they return to that url. Is there a way to publish the video such that it drives users to only the new version, over-riding any cookies or whatever is causing this? Thanks for your help!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Davoren!  It would be cool if Storyline could do that, but it is up to the learners' browsers to refresh those courses.  Perhaps versioning your updates with a slightly different name/file path would help...?  Maybe some other folks in the community will be able to give some insight with their experience!