Published file size anomaly

I have just been through an old Storyline 2 Project file replacing images and videos with poorer quality, smaller file sizes using the change picture function and then deleting and reinserting new .flv videos.

The original project file was 214MB. The new project file is surprisingly BIGGER at 370MB. However, when published as SCORM 1.2 and zipped the new project file is 59MB compared to the original zipped SCORM 1.2 of 65MB.

What is going on here? Does Storyline retain the old image and video files at the project level and then dispenses the old files in the published output? 



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joshua! It is something our team has seen before. I wanted to pop in and share a previous thread here:

  • Publishing the file seems to improve the efficiency of the file size.
  • Working from a network drive or flash drive may worsen the storage efficiency.
  • The "Save As" function has been known to help at times.