Help me please...IE11 attacks again

Sorry everyone, maybe this is a very simple problem, but for me is a big headache. When I've tried to open my Articulate Storyline program, appear the box I've attached to this message. I've tried to install Flash Player or activate this but system says "you have installed latest version..." but Storyline is still in problems :(

Help me please. Thank you all.

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Gabriel Pardo

Thanks for your replies, but it didn't work :(

I tried with an Chrome and Mozilla unninstall, Flash Player unninstall and re-install Flash Player 10 version and nothing happens. I would like uninstall IE but I have Windows and It don't let me try.

Storyline 1 link Michael share to me, don't work correctly. It delivers ti Storyline 2 demo. Is there support for Storyline 1?