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Jul 12, 2013


Can someone help me? I'm a new Storyline user building my first interaction. I've built an activity that requires the user to view examples of errors and explain why they are errors. I put the examples on a slide with layer, i.e. example 1, 2, 3. I want the user to view each layer before they are able to move on to the next slide. I put a back button on each layer so they would return to the base slide, however, if the user click 'next' instead of 'back' they will skip the other examples. How can I restrict the next button until all examples are viewed?

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Sara Reller

You could create your own next button on the base layer of the slide and have it start hidden and only display when all 3 layers are visited. (I've attached an example of this. I used the state function of the buttons, so when all 3 buttons have been clicked and are visited then the "next" button displays.)

You could restrict navigation on the next button but it can be very confusing and frustrating to the user. (They don't see slide layers are part of the same page, they want to go to the "next" and get to the next layer.)

Antony Snow

Hi Karel,

If you make all of your buttons (example 1, example 2 and example 3) part of a button set (select them all, right-click, hover over 'Button Set' and then select 'Button set 1'), you won't need to have the back button on each layer as only button can be selected (and therefore only one layer can be displayed) at once.

To restrict the use of the next button, you can utilise the 'visited' states of your buttons and add conditions to the exisiting trigger to jump to the next slide i.e. Jump to next slide when user clicks on 'next' button on the condition that button 1 is equal to visited AND button 2 is equal to visited AND button 3 is equal to visited.

I attach a very rough demo so you can see how this is set up and how it works.#

I hope it helps


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