Potential Problem with Storyline Upgrade

Aug 13, 2012

I just upgraded my Storyline thismorning so I can run content on my ipad...It works beautifuly!!!

However, the upgrade may have created another issue...I have a slide with four objects for the user to click on. Each reveals a new layer. The user must view all four layers before a "Next Slide" button appears. Prior to the upgrade once a user completed viewing a layer they would hit the back button to view the base layer and the four original objects. However when I go back to the base layer I can now only see the last object...all the others are now missing. The only way to get them to reappear is to use the timeline slider to replay the slide.

Any ideas??

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Jamie Morgan

It appears to be an issue with the "hide objects on base layer" option on the layer properties. If you turn that off, then everything works fine. I've never used this option prior to the update so can't say if this functionality changed after the update or not, but in looking at Leigh's file, that setting resolves the problem when it's turned off.

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