HELP NEEDED - Articulate 360 Memory Game

May 15, 2018

I am creating a classic memory game board but it is more involved than anything I have ever done before. Could someone help point me in the right direction to get started so I can take it from there?  I have only created 2 matches so far (clearly labeled on the main slide).

I need help with the following:

1.Only allowing 2 squares to be selected at a time.

2.Show Try Again layer when the 2 selected squares don't match AND then having those squares return to normal state.

That should get me going for a while.

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Hey Megan,

I made this back in 2015. I am attaching it here for you to see the inner workings of the SL360 file, I've upgraded it. I am sure I could make it again with a more stream lined logic, but this should work just fine.

If you have any questions best way to contact me is through email (