Help needed for bug in Quiz draw

Hi, I am troubleshooting an elusive bug, that seems to be hiding in a specific course file vs being a general SL bug.  That is, when the quiz scene displaying the bug behaviour is imported and run in a new file, it works perfectly. 

So I am looking for ideas for what in my course file could be the culprit.

Quick overview: The quiz scene contains 12 draws from 6 question banks. Submit only, no feedback. Multiple Choice, Multiple Response and T/F. Upon completion, the results are shown, with the option to retake. Retaking toggles into a similar set of 12 draws, but with a different selection from the 6 question banks. Retaking again toggles back to the first series of 12 draws. And so on. 

The first draw series and the first retake work as intended. Oddly then, the next retake, and what seems to be every second retake after this, runs into a bug on the last of the 12 questions.  On this last question, an answer is already selected with no possibility to change (i.e., it is locked), and the Submit button is gone while the prev/next buttons - and sometimes the seekbar - are shown instead. Pressing Next does then advance to the Wrap up slide. 

Here is the quiz on 360.

The extracted quiz scene - which works as intended - is attached. It is also here on 360. 

Could this be due to some corruption in my course file? Any ideas on where to look or how to investigate further?

NB I am hoping not to have to recreate any question bank questions, as a number of translation files are waiting for import, and recreating any text objects would lead to new IDs not matched with the IDs in the translation files. 35 of them, so the manual remapping would not be fun. 



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your patience while I gave this a test!

I took a look at your two examples and saw the same thing, but I wasn't sure which changed with the section you imported out? They looked pretty identical to me. 

Since you mentioned importing out the one scene worked on it's own, I wondered what would happen if I imported your entire file into a new file and published it. I did so and upload to Review here.  This behaves normally for  me on 2nd and additional attempts - can you take a look? 

If that works for you too, look at importing the entire thing into a new file - as that would resolve any general corruption issues and follow along with these best practices to prevent future corruption! Let us know if you need anything else. 

Daniel Mensch

Thanks Ashley for looking into this.  And sorry if my delineation between the two examples was not so clear.

The first link above, provided here again, is a publication to Articulate 360 of the quiz scene in the actual course file (Sustainable Materials v056). 

The second link, provided here again, is also a publication to 360, but from the new file into which the quiz scene was imported for separate testing. (heading in 360 = 'Sust Matls quiz scene extracted').  The source file for this is the one attached (quiz_2_times.story).


If you test the quiz in the first link, you will find that at the end of the third iteration, the final 12th question shows the 'corrupt' behaviour.

If you test the quiz in the second link, you should find that the quiz behaves as it should consistently.

As for your suggestion - importing the entire course file into a new file - it definitely sounds worth a try. Before I take the time to test this, do you know off hand if the IDs for the text objects in the new file would remain intact (i.e., be the same as those in the original course file), such that the text object IDs in the translation files we have waiting for import would match those in the newly created file?  


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniel, 

I don't know off hand, but it sounds like an easy enough quick test to compare what you have already exported with a new copy after doing an import? 

Did my version work for you as well - it sounds like it was the shortened, condensed version so if you want to share the longer one I'm happy to take a look at that too.