Help needed re how to embed/link Storyline to web content behind firewall

Our company uses an intranet to publish procedural and training docs, as well as an LMS for online learning. The LMS is cloud-based, and the company intranet is behind a firewall.

I would like to embed web objects into Storyline 360 to access the content behind the firewall. I remember from a DevLearn conference a couple of years ago that this is possible by adding code to the embed code that basically passes a security token or password to the intranet.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction? What do we need to do in Storyline and, correspondingly, what should I ask of my IT dept. to make this happen?

Thank you in advance.

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Alvin Rae Tecson

Hello Amber, 

The solution will depend on your company firewall and its configuration. The general idea is to exempt the URL of the web object and let it pass through the company firewall. Your company IT is the best resource to find the best solution for your query. 

I hope you find this helpful. Thank you. 

Amber Starfire

Thank you, Alvin. For some reason, I didn't receive notification of your reply. I am still trying to figure out this issue. Since the information would be proprietary, I'm positive that IT would not agree to exempting any pages on our Intranet from the firewall. 

Is there a way to pass login credentials from Storyline or Rise to a network?