Help needed with checkboxes in Storyline

Hi everyone, I have created a slide showing the total number (actual value) of check boxes selected.  However, I need this total value to be adjusted when the learner deselects a selected check box.  What do I do to indicate that a selected checkbox has been deselected?  Is there a specific state/variable/trigger I should be using?

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Walt Hamilton

For a running total, you can use two triggers for each checkbox:

Add  1 to Total when user clicks checkboxXX if state of checkboxXX is selected.

Subtract 1 from Total when user clicks checkboxXX if state of checkboxXX is not selected.

If you just need a total when the user clicks some other object, you need only one trigger per checkbox:

Add 1 to Total when user clicks Object if state of CheckboxXX is selected, etc.

Rafael Vieira

You should create two triggers, but pay attention because the order is important. The first trigger must subtract 1 from the counter when the box is selected and the condition is "if check box state is not equal to selected". The second trigger must add 1 to the counter and the condition will be "if check box state is equal to selected".

Adding these triggers in a different sequence will change the end result of the count.

Trigger example