Help needed with Mathematical Symbols

Feb 04, 2014

I am trying to establish quiz questions within Storyline that use mathematical symbols such as "Pi". Does anyone know how to insert these symbols into a quiz question?

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Ken Brown

Philip, maybe I am doing something wrong.

When I create a quiz slide and select Numeric I cannot see any option to insert a symbol when entering the question text. The editor is extremely basic on the quiz slides.

The only alternative I can come up with is to create the question with symbols using MS Word - copy the string and paste into the quiz question.

Philip Varghese

Ken, I assume you are using storyline as I only have that software.

Have a look at sample below.

Make a normal slide.

Insert a text box or shape, then insert a symbol.

The symbol button is next to the text box, lots to choose from.

Then convert your slide to freeform i.e. choose "insert" tab .... select  "convert to freeform".

The following 2 tutorials will help you along, it sure did for me

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