Symbols not appearing

Jun 24, 2012

Hi, I am creating training where mathematical symbols including "greater than or equal to' and less than or equal to' feature a lot.

However I can't find a font where these symbols will display on publish. They are in the symbols list, appear when creating the slides but preview or publish and they vanish.

Does anyone have a solution? I have tried obvious fonts such as Arial and Verdana. Articulate font only has basic maths symbols so no joy there.

Thanks, Laurie

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Gerry Wasiluk

Jill McNair said:

Hi Gerry,

Funny, just yesterday I was trying to figure out an easier way to find symbols when I need them.  Gerry to the rescue!  Also Gerry - your parentheses ended up as part of your hyperlink and it's messing up the link.  I had to copy/paste the address to get it to work.  Thanks for sharing!


Thanks the nice words and, more importantly, thanks for the heads-up, Jill.   I've fixed the link.
Laurie Kane

Hi Gerry,

When you mentioned character map I thought perhaps we could save selected symbols into a different char. set location such as into the Articulate font which would make life easy. There must be another way to do this.

Anyway I tried copying from Character Map and pasting into Storyline but on Preview, same thing, the symbols disappeared. Is it just me???

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