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Jul 28, 2021

I'm working on creating my first course in Storyline 360, and can't figure out how to make my other layer show up. Here are two instances:

1) On one slide, my base layer is a video from the content library. My second layer has a character with a couple of photos that I want to pop up while the video from the base layer is still playing. 

2) Another slide I'm working on is a photograph from content library with a character popping in. I then want to transition it to a video from the content library. Can I do the video as another layer? If so, how to I get that layer to show up? I've tried several of the options with triggers and can't figure out how to set up the trigger once I select the Action of Show Layer. 

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Joseph Francis

Keep in mind the displaying of a layer on top of the base layer is going to be based on some sort of action, either initiated by Storyline (for example, the timeline reaching the end, a variable changing its value, etc.) or initiated by the learner (clicking on a button, moving the mouse over a specific region on the screen, etc.). So, you want the layer to display WHEN something happens.

What is the WHEN in your first example? After a certain number of seconds? After the playback head has reached a certain point (defined by a cue point) on the timeline? When the video stops playing?

David Schwartz

Hi Stacy,

I put together a small sample. The file is large because it has a couple of videos in it. In the first instance, there is a trigger that shows the layer when the timeline reaches 5 seconds.

In the second instance, similar thing, but it assumes you want to have the video display on the same screen. If you want to transition to fullscreen video, you could instead not have a layer, and have a trigger to go to the next slide when the timeline ends, and the video on the next slide. In this way.

This is a start, but you have to think about things like whether you want there to be video controls. In that case, where you want the layer to pop up, you would want to be sure not to use controls directly on the video, but could add the play/pause button and seekbar in the player.


Stacy Breaux

Thanks. I tried setting the trigger to appear when the timeline reached 3 seconds (and even tried one second) in the first example, but the layer never came up. I have the trigger as "show this layer (I'm clicked on the layer I want to appear) when the timeline reaches 2s. Do I need to maybe create the trigger on the base layer? I created it on the 2nd layer. I'm sure it's user error. I'm just wanting it to play in the same screen.