Show and hide layers

Oct 24, 2015

How would I do this?

On click on a button, I want to:

  1. Show a layer (which I know how to do)
  2. AND, hide only 2 objects on the base layer

I know how to hide the entire base layer on click, but I can't figure out how to only hide 2 objects on the base layer.

I tried to create another layer that essentially hides the base layer under a square shape the same color as the background. But I don't know how to call more than one layer with one trigger.

I know someone out there knows how to do this! You've never let me down so far!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Cindy

on the layer timeline you will see the objects on the layer and also a show / hide arrow for the base layer. Click the arrow to display the items on the base layer and then click the show/hide icons for the ones you want. 

See this tutorial at the bottom - hide individual objects on a layer

Michael Ashcroft


Sorry to bump and old thread but I'm having issues with showing and hiding layers during the duration of my timeline.

I have content and audio on my base layer, and then a futher 2 layers (both with their own audio) that i want to show at different stages of my timeline. I also want to hide the base layer when the other layers are visible.

The link you provided was helpful but it doesnt seem to work for me. I have triggers set up to show the other layers but they don't appear?




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