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Sep 13, 2017

I am using Storyline 3, and with player triggers I have them directing to specific slides next (goes to next scene) and previous (prior slide). 

However at end of my scene 3 the next button is not going to 4.1 like I have it directed, the button is disabled.  There are no conditions.

I have this on all of my other slides at end of scenes and this works perfectly, except on this one slide.

I have slide advances "By User" pointed to the right slides.  I even deleted the slide and added from fresh still same issue.  I have attached a screen shot, any advise welcome. 

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Susi B

Hi Ellen,

this happened to us too, so there may be 2 options:

1. Your slide on which the next button is not working is corrupt and you have to redo it.

2. You have restricted your navigation and didn´t adjust your timeline (the next button changes to normal when the timeline ends).

If that´s not working, you can always send your storyline file to the support team and they will have a look into it (if you can´t share it here because of confidential content).



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