HELP PLEASE - Adding a pdf inside a web object

Nov 09, 2017

I'm trying utilise web objects (SL3) but don't seem to be able to get hardly any to work as almost anything I try comes up with the standard error below. 

I think I understand that it doesn't work with lots of web pages as whoever created the page can set it to not work inside a frame. However, I also can't get it to embed any pdf whether hosted publically on the web or internally in SharePoint 2013.

Any ideas?


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Chris Undery

Thanks for replying Alyssa. The file you included works fine which is leading me to think that it is something internal that is an issue. We use SharePoint 2013 to host the documents and none of these seem to work. If you click on the link in the error they come up but can't access them inside the web object. Any ideas what could be the issue so I've got something to go to our IT people with. 

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