Using pdf as web object in Edge

Oct 09, 2019

I've embedded a pdf as a web object inside a course to give the learner the ability to scroll, copy and paste any of the content in the document.  This works as it should in IE, but in Edge, the best I can do is use the arrow keys to toggle the page up and down - no copy/paste ability at all.  

Anybody know if this is an Edge issue or if I can make an adjustment in the pdf to or the html file to make it work?


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Juan Miguel Magdangal


I tried on my edge browser and it looked fine (scroll and text copy and paste). The documentation also says that the latest version of Edge is supported. Can you check if you actually have the latest installed? If it's also possible, attach a sample .story or html file where the problem happens so we can take a look.

Stephanie McClellan

Thanks Juan

I am using the most current version of Edge and have included a review link below.  In IE, copy/paste and clicking links works fine, but in Edge, not able to do anything.

Click Development Ideas button for first screen, then More at the bottom of page for the next screen.



Juan Miguel Magdangal


Thanks for the link. I opened it and It really works fine on my end.
Did you try resetting your Edge browser settings and data, use an InPrivate window or try it on another Edge browser on a different machine?
My Edge's version is Microsoft Edge 41.16299.1004.0, Microsoft EdgeHTML 16.16299

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