Copy-In-Place Feature.

Jul 01, 2020

I submitted this request as a feature request, but I wanted to mention it here too to see if anyone else has an interest in this.

I do a lot of graphics and animation work in Adobe products, a lot of which I end up using in my Storyline projects. One feature that the Adobe products have that would be really helpful in Storyline is the ability to Copy-in-place.
In Storyline if you duplicate an object, or copy and paste the object, the new object is offset several pixels down and to the right.
I would like to see a Copy-in-place features that allows you to copy and paste the object without the offset.

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Brian Allen

I won't disagree completely, but I get why default is to paste off-set... makes it easier to see where  your copy/pasted item is at.

One thing that PPT does really well that I'd love to see in Storyline is repeated pasting of an item will mimic position adjustments as your first copy/paste of that item. So, for example, if I copy, paste an item and move the pasted item 50 pixels to the right of the original, my next paste will automatically land 50 pixels to the right of the last pasted item, and so on and so on. Very efficient from a workflow perspective.

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