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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ali!  It sounds like you're off to a good start by publishing for LMS and including the HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player options (if Blackboard supports Tin Can API).  When viewing an LMS-hosted course in the mobile player, you'll need to have published the course with the Tin Can API option.  If your LMS doesn't support Tin Can, your learners can still view the HTML5 output in their mobile devices with mobile Safari or Google Chrome, but you'll need to leave the Articulate Mobile Player option unchecked.

Blackboard offers this support article on creating content; looks like uploading zipped packages is what you would be referencing:

I don't have experience with Blackboard specifically, but if it requires that you identify a single launch file once you've uploaded your content, the file to point to is index_lms.html.

Here's our knowledge base article which gives the basic information about distributing your course.

I hope this gives you a bit more direction!

Ali h

Thank you for the precious information you gave.

i published my course and it works fine, but when i lunch the course on the tablet there's no tab opened in Google chrome it stayed in the blackboard i think use its browser!

and it says there is an error occurred. The point is i dont want to use articulate player or the blackboard, i a new tab opened tih google chrome .