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Oct 11, 2019


I have recorded a talk-track for my Storyline project using Adobe Audition.

Within Audition, or listening to the exported wav or mp3 audio file via an audio capable player such as VLC or MS Groove, the export audio quality sounds great.

However, when I import an audio file into Storyline (latest version), the audio quality is terrible, ie: like I'm sitting in a tin can on the moon communicating back to earth.

I have tried to find a solution via Google searches and also the community here, and have followed the recommended audio export file format settings, ie: 44K, 16 bit, wav format. Without any luck.

I have also tried some other sample rates and file formats (eg: mp3), all with the same result.

The audio quality is just as bad when I export the project and access the published project.

Can someone please point me in the right direction of what the correct file export/import format and settings should be?

[UPDATE]  If I open and play the audio track in the Storyline audio editor, it runs perfectly - no degraded sound at all.  So, it only appears to happen when exported or when from the Storyline editor window or via preview.

Thanks in advance,



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Kathy Hartman

You didn't mention it in your post, but have you tried running effects on the audio files before saving them?

I use Audition in Storyline 3 with excellent results. In Effects under Noise reduction/Restoration, capture a noise print, then delete it. Record your narration.

Apply the following three effects to your narration

1. Noise reduction

2. Automatic click remover

3. Dehummer.

Using these three effects helps to produce crisp, clear recordings that don't sound like they were recorded in a tin can.

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