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Gerry Wasiluk

Hi, Carol!

I just tried importing your WAV file and it worked just fine for me.  https://360.articulate.com/review/content/0d8fc61c-fd87-466d-a73a-7e420ec5987d/review

Not sure what to suggest.  Uninstall and reinstall Storyline?  Not sure.

You may want to start a support ticket with Articulate to see if they have some ideas on what you can try. 

As an aside, I prefer importing WAV files and not MP3's, although YMMV.  :)  My rule of thumb is "Start with the best and let Storyline compress."  For producing WAV files, I use Audacity and have gotten consistent good results.

Carol Dungan Logie

Had a very long chat with tech at Articulate, and it turns out that putting audio files in nested folders was the problem... I'm on a Mac running Parallels and they needed to be on the desktop. I had them arranged in folders 2 or 3 deep to keep track of the numbering and slides. But thanks for all the suggestions!