Audio files not importing into Storyline 360

Aug 06, 2019

Please help! I have .wav files that are confirmed 16 bit 44Khz, but will not import into Storyline. I keep getting error message that they're not a supported format. I then exported the file from Audition as mp3, and that also will not import. What's going on?

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Gerry Wasiluk

Hi, Carol!

I just tried importing your WAV file and it worked just fine for me.

Not sure what to suggest.  Uninstall and reinstall Storyline?  Not sure.

You may want to start a support ticket with Articulate to see if they have some ideas on what you can try. 

As an aside, I prefer importing WAV files and not MP3's, although YMMV.  :)  My rule of thumb is "Start with the best and let Storyline compress."  For producing WAV files, I use Audacity and have gotten consistent good results.

Carol Dungan Logie

Had a very long chat with tech at Articulate, and it turns out that putting audio files in nested folders was the problem... I'm on a Mac running Parallels and they needed to be on the desktop. I had them arranged in folders 2 or 3 deep to keep track of the numbering and slides. But thanks for all the suggestions! 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Tommy!

Thanks for sharing what you've tried so far! I have a few follow-up questions -

  1. Have you tried importing the audio files into a new project? 
  2. Are you seeing an error message when importing the audio?
  3. What type of audio files are you importing?

If you can share the audio files, I'm happy to test them on my end. You can share them in this discussion or privately in a support case.