HELP! Recording audio and video in Storyline

I am trying to do something I thought was simple... record a screencast with audio using Storyline, but when I try to edit the audio, it is very challenging and nothing like I expected.  I don't want to insert audio because then the audio may not always go with the mouse movements... when I edit a video, the editing features for cutting out sections of audio that aren't at the beginning or end of the clip are very tough.  I expected audio editing features like in Camtasia.  What am I missing?  

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jeannette. The video editor in Storyline 360 doesn't include robust audio editing features. You can adjust the volume of the audio, and trim and crop the video.

You can export the screencast, however; this will allow you to use an actual media editing tool to work with the audio components of the .mp4.

Jeannette McGlinsky

Thank you for your response.  I am realizing this... which is a shame because Storyline is fantastic everywhere else.  Have an audio editing tool within the video editor is pretty important.  I guess I will add audio to each slide and "step by step" mode, but it will be a tedious process.  Thanks so much.