HELP! Recording audio and video in Storyline

Mar 27, 2019

I am trying to do something I thought was simple... record a screencast with audio using Storyline, but when I try to edit the audio, it is very challenging and nothing like I expected.  I don't want to insert audio because then the audio may not always go with the mouse movements... when I edit a video, the editing features for cutting out sections of audio that aren't at the beginning or end of the clip are very tough.  I expected audio editing features like in Camtasia.  What am I missing?  

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Jeannette McGlinsky

Thank you for your response.  I am realizing this... which is a shame because Storyline is fantastic everywhere else.  Have an audio editing tool within the video editor is pretty important.  I guess I will add audio to each slide and "step by step" mode, but it will be a tedious process.  Thanks so much.  

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