HELP!!! Results slide not giving a score but review shows answers as correct

May 21, 2020


I am hoping somebody would be able to help, I really need this sorted ASAP and cant seem to find the solution anywhere!

I have been searching for an answer to this for a while and none of the similar questions that have been answered on here have worked for me.

I have produced a question set, it contains an introduction, 9 questions and then the results slide. However the results slide has the options to 'Print, Exit, Review' and then shows 'my score' and the 'passing score' which is 80%. However the issue is that no matter how many questions the user gets correct the 'my score' always equals '0' and then is taken to the 'incorrect' slide instead of the passing slide. This however doesn't make sense because on the review slide you can clearly see the questions were answered correctly.

May I also add they are multiple choice questions so the user has to select one correct answer for each of the 9 questions.

I have included the file here for a better understanding, and while you are reviewing if there is an easier way to produce the results into a bar chart at the end that would be really useful, as at the moment I am working on getting that working correctly too.

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Andy Banga

Hi Simon,

Thanks for reaching out!

It seems that you have included the Slides as Survey Questions. Surveys are not graded so learners won’t receive a score even after completing the interaction.

To track scores, you may use Graded questions instead. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to convert your slides to Graded without rebuilding. I understand the urgency of your concern so I hope someone from the community may help you find a quicker way to do this. As a reference for the upcoming changes, you may check this guide about Assigning scores to Graded Questions.

For your bar chart, you may use Add instead of Set when adjusting the value of the variables. This way, the value will increment every time the learner has chosen a correct answer. I hope this helps.

Simon Steele

Hi Andy,

Thank you so much, I think I needed a fresh set of eyes to point out that obvious mistake I had made, I was sure I had set my slides to Graded questions instead of Survey questions but obviously not which is why I probably didn't pick up on it, I wanted this completed ASAP so have re-made all the slides and the scores are all working perfectly now!

Regarding the bar chart, the way you suggested has worked perfectly and just as I wanted it to work, thank you again for taking your time to reply and help with these issues, you have been very helpful! 


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