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Jane Brotchie

I'm revisiting this old thread as I have had a recurring problem with saving work and it might save someone else some tears and time. After much troubleshooting, I've discovered the problem was my automatic back-up. I'm in the UK and am using BT back-up. If I switch this off, I have no problem with saving.

Joe Dey


Storyline can freeze up quite often and as others have said the trick is to save regularly.  That said I always forget to.  Anyway in Windows 8 (before my upgrade to 8.1) SL froze and I accessed the task manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and ended the frozen program and I was offered the possibility to save it before it closed down.  Sadly it doesn't seem to work in Win8.1.  It used to work in Win7 before one of those updates was installed but not any more.


Jon Doe

It's 2021 now so I hope that Storyline Articulate has a temporary save or something like that. As it seems, they do. My project froze and I could not do anything. As recommended by Joe, I used task manager to end the frozen storyline program, BUT I did not recieve any possibility to save the program. I was ready to throw myself in a river. I then opened the project hoping for a miracle and what do you know, it saved the previous version as a "recovered version" and I could press save to save the whole project. So I guess they implemented some sort of failure cover? I'm grateful.