Help! Storyline variables lost on resume

I have created an elearning course in articulate stoyline 2 in which the learners have to rate themselves against 4 statements at the beginning and end of the course. Each rating adjusts a variable which I can use to assess the learners' progress (the variables are later exported to a google spreadsheet).

However, if the student exits the course and then resumes at a later time the variables are lost. I am publishing it as AICC in Blackboard. I tried SCORM 2004 and it creates an error in Blackboard.

I was under the impression that any SCORM LMS should save and restore the suspend_data and along with that, the course will restore Storyline variable values, but this doesn't seem to be happening.

Can anyone help?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kate!

I would first test the content in SCORM Cloud to see if you experience the same issue. This will help us know if it is the project or the LMS causing issue.

To test AICC content in SCORM Cloud, make one small change before publishing and another after publishing. See this article for details.

If you are unable to replicate, you would need to look to your LMS for assistance, but if you are able to replicate, I would advise that you share your .story project with our support team here to take a look.