HELP! Storyline won't publish - stops without error message

Dec 03, 2012

I am having problems with publishing one of my projects in Storyline. The file is 268 MB and Storyline starts publishing, but stops without any message after different slides each time. Storyline closes the Publish window (where it says Generating slides X of X) without any error message. I have to get this project out and I can not split it in different parts. Is there any limit in file size? (I am also having trouble with saving this file, I have to make a new version each time and just cross my fingers for it to save...)

I am working from my local hard drive, I run W7 - 64-bit and I have 8 GB of memory- and I am not having trouble with publishing other projects, but this project is the largest, so I am suspecting it is the file size that is making the trouble.

We are 3 e-learning developers using Storyline in my company, so I need to know if there are any size limit on story-files...

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jannicke,

I see that Sid and Joe have been working with you on this issue (case #00307701). I also see that they're currently working on testing the file. Someone will get in touch with you with an update, as soon as possible. If you have any updates (troubleshooting steps or a resolution), please update your case by responding to the email you received for the case. 

Thanks Jannicke!

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