Unable to insert large video files

May 12, 2015

I have no problem inserting videos that are less than a 1 GB, but anytime I try to insert something greater than that I am unsuccessful. If it's a larger file storyline just stops responding, if it's on the smaller size (maybe 2 GB) it will give me an error message of "Does not appear to be a supported format" even though it's an MP4 file. I've seen questions asked before about a limit on file size and the answer always seems to be no but it certainly doesn't seem to be the case in my experience. How are people able to insert larger size videos?

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David Charney

Hi Jeremy,

I would suggest running that video through something like Freemake Video Converter first and output an MP4. Your video is likely uncompressed (or not very compressed) and this will make it much smaller in size. It may be having problems loading that big of a file into temp memory or maybe can't read the metadata (depending on the format). So it can't load into Storyline which would then compress it down. That would be a lot of bandwidth as well if you left it uncompressed through Storyline 2.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Jeremy - I agree with David's suggestion to compress the video. You may want to look at exporting the MP4s, choose a compression service on the web, and then reimport the compressed MP4s. Here is some info on Exporting Screen Recordings and Video Compression in Articulate Storyline. Otherwise, I hope the community is able to chime in with additional suggestions to assist you further!

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