HELP!! Too Close ... Again!

Hello again E-Learning Heros!  Once again I'm too close to the forrest to see the trees.  I've worked on the attached for so long that I can't seem to figure out why my triggers aren't working.  My goal is to have each user complete the entire course by touching every page; however, it does't quite seem to be working correctly.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Diane Horne

Thanks for the reminder Leslie!

I've been working for a consultancy for the past several years and find that at times I "over-think" things (go figure).  Here's what I learned from this lesson:

1)  Don't overthink the number of VARIABLES you need!  I had so many variables added, some which I'm sure were not needed, that I couldn't see why they weren't working properly.  Storyline makes things so simple, that I find I slip back into my Captivate days and add more variables than are needed to accomplish my goal.

     a)  Solution:  I removed all my triggers and variables and started over from scratch, trying to keep it simple, and it worked!

2)  Changing States on buttons added to the TOC: I like to show the end user that they've successfully completed a section on the TOC by changing the state of the button for that section to a muted tone with a green check mark inside.  I couldn't figure out how to set up the trigger to change states once the section was completed; do I change the state when the button is clicked, if I call it "Completed" will that make a difference than if I call it "Selected?"

    a)  Solution:  Make sure I change states for buttons "When Timeline Starts" after a specified section has been marked as Complete by using a variable.

Hope this makes sense to those of you who might encounter the same issues I do from time to time.  Sometimes you just need to clear your mind and start fresh.  Thanks!