HELP! Trigger Actions are acting up

Aug 22, 2012

Hi all

I was creating layouts in the Slide master that have Back and Next buttons.

For the "Custom Layout 1" -> The Back and Next buttons' trigger is to jump to previous and next slide. And I have these two buttons on the base layer of the layout. It works fine as intended.

Then I created another layout, "Custom Layout 2". It has these two buttons on the new layer instead of the base layer. The back button will still work, but the next button won't.

But here is a crazy part. If you have the same layers structure from the "Custom layout 2" on the slide itself, the next button will work.

I am thinking this is because there is no "connection" to next slide on the new layer except the base layer in the slide master. Meanwhile, it is a different story with the slide itself. I know this sounds complicated. I have attached a source file to look at. Please take a look at it, and let me know what you guys all think. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Benny - 

I'm assuming your seeing problems with triggers from objects in layers on the master slide? I've noticed this as well. The way I've gotten around this is using a variable change trigger and a variable listener on the base slide of the master:

Set the value of (True/False variable) to false when timeline starts [in the base layer]

Set the value of (True/False variable) to true when object is clicked. [in the layer]

Jump to next slide when the value of (True/False variable) changes and the value == true [in the base layer]

Alternatively, you can add the jump to next slide listener to your base slide (actual slide) and customize the target. There are some advantages to this method, it allows you to specialize the behavior of the button for each slide while still retaining your core trigger in the master.

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