Adding Usable Triggers in Feedback Master

Jun 02, 2015

I'm having issues with getting triggers to work in feedback master.  I'm using the Multiple Choice quizzing layout and currently only have two feedback options (correct & incorrect). I want the user to be able to hide the feedback layer by clicking an X button in the feedback so they can see the question on the base layer and show another layer with buttons to either bring the feedback back up or continue to the next question. If I add the button, triggers and additional layer to the feedback master, the user can click the button but nothing happens. It works fine if I add the buttons and additional layer manually to each feedback layer in each question, but I'm hoping there's an easier way.

I thought about adding the "continue" button to the base layer's layout in slide master and setting the initial state to hidden until the user clicks "submit", which works, but I still can't get the trigger to hide the feedback layer to work by adding it to feedback master - it only works at the individual question/slide layer level.  So, at the very least, how do I get a trigger to hide the feedback layer to work in feedback master?  Any ideas?

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