Feedback master layers and Continue buttons

Jan 08, 2021

Using Storyline 360. Multiple question slide. Three feedback layers: Try Again, Incorrect, Correct. Continue button on each feedback layer. Triggers: Hide this layer when user clicks Continue, Jump to slide Next slide when user clicks Continue. Try again has only the "hide this layer" trigger. 

I was having trouble getting my button formatting to stick - I would change it in the layout, and it would change back to the default. 

So I found a tutorial for Storyline 2 tutorial that said to drag the default button in the feedback layer off to the side and create a new button. 

I did that. The formatting sticks, but now I have to have both buttons present on the feedback master layer for the button to function. It doesn't work with the default off to the side (in feedback master layer view) and mine where I want it (in slide layer view) - or vice versa. Only when they are both on the feedback master layer does the continue button do what I want it to do. 


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