HELP! When reviewing quiz, the slides "jump" or zoom in and out as you review a quiz

Aug 26, 2019

Hi everyone,

I recently started having a problem with quiz review. After a learner finishes a quiz, they can review their answers. While reviewing, the slide "jumps" or zooms in and out as the next or back button on the player is selected. I have attached a short peek video.

I am running the most current version of Storyline 360. I have tried to rebuild the quiz but it still behaves the same. It is created the exact same way as my existing quizzes. I checked the slide master and the feedback master thinking there was something duplicating a window but don't see anything. I am using the modern player and the settings are:

Slide advances: By user

When revisting: automatically decide

None of the slide navigation controls are turned on, I have a custom submit button on each slide.

Player features: Player defaults

The review layer for each slide has nothing on it and the slide layer properties are:

Visibility: Hide other slide layers

Allow seeking: Automatically decide

Base Layer: Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer

When revisiting: Automatically decide

Thank you for your help!




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Vincent Scoma

Hey Maureen,

I appreciate the video and that is definitely odd behavior there. 

When reviewing your course, which web browser are you using? With your permission, would it be okay if you shared your file? If you would prefer to send it privately, please feel free to connect with our Support Engineers and we would be happy to dive deeper! We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look.

Maureen Matsumoto

Hi Ann

We have not come up with a solution yet. I noticed it happens whenever I copy a graded question from one story file to another. Is that the same results you get?

I have to create an entirely new slide without copying any of the items from another slide to stop the "jumping." I haven't been able to fi an existing slide with the problem.

Thanks for your help,



Maureen Matsumoto

Hi Ann,

OMG, I figured out why the quiz slides zoom in and out during review.

 I used the modern player for these courses. I created a custom Submit button on my quiz slides and did not have any navigation buttons on the player.

When in review, the next and back buttons are on the player, reducing the size of the slide, which is causing the slide to "jump" or "zoom" in and out! So the player is too responsive lol!

After extensive testing and rebuilding of all my assessments, that is the only that fixed the issue. Does this help you?


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