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I've put together a review in which I want the user to try again when they answer incorrectly. I've set the trigger to display the 'correct' layer when the correct button is selected and the other buttons equal normal.  When I test it, the wrong feedback slide displays. i.e., correct displays when it the answer is incorrect, and visa verse it appears to happen when I deliberately select the wrong answer and go back to select the correct answer.  

I've attached images of what I've set the trigger to do. I tried to upload the entire project, but received a server error. 

I'm sure this is a user error but I can't find it. Please help me.

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Donna Morvan

Hello Karel,

I am not super clear with what exactly is going on but here are some few things I noticed.

1. Sequence of triggers - you may want to make sure the order/sequence is correct because it does impact the behavior.

2. Conditions - A lot of people may miss out on the AND/OR conditions.. so in your conditions, are you really requiring all 3 to be met?


1. Are you using the built in feedback layers or did you create a customized one?

Hope this helps,


Karel Wagner

Hi Donna,

Thank you for responding so fast. I will go back and check my sequence. With my conditions, there is only one right answer so I thought It should be 'AND', please let me know if I'm mistaken.

I'm wondering if I'm using the wrong trigger. I used show the 'correct' layer when button 1 equals selected, and buttons 2 & 3 equals normal. Do I need to put a trigger in to show the 'Incorrect' layer if one of the others equal 'Selected or should the wrong answers be set as 'not equal' selected? 

I built my own feedback layers because I wanted to add a 'Return' button so the user can 'Try again'.  If I've made this harder than necessary, please educate me.

Donna Morvan

Hey Karel.

From the scenario described, I think the built in question slides may work well for you. You can easily customize the look of the feedback layers if you adjust it on the "Feedback Master" and from there, you will see that when you increase the attempts to more than 1 - the "try again" layer will automatically show up as well. Plus, all of the messages can be customized too.

Maybe you can have a look at that.

Eitherway - - as far as button states are concerned, it's possible that you're missing a couple of variables that may need to be put in place.

TIP: Don't overthink it.

1. If you want to show the correct layer when they select the correct button.. then the trigger is exactly that. "Show correct layer when user clicks correct button."

2. If you want to show the Try Again layer for incorrect button..then the trigger follows that as well. "Show Try Again layer when user clicks incorrect button."

3. Add a button within the layers to "Hide Layer" for your correct and try again layers.

Again.. you will find that these have already been setup for you if you use the built in quiz slides in Storyline.

Hope this helps,


Karel Wagner

Thank you Donna,

I tried everything you mentioned and still could not figure it out. I just started over and used the 'Try Again' layer rather than a custom layer. I deleted the 'Incorrect' layer leaving only 'Correct' and 'Try Again'. Then deleted the 'Submit' trigger, kept the 'Try Again' & 'Continue' triggers. It's a good thing it was only 10 questions.  I appreciate your help. I really appreciate this forum.