Help with allowing revisit to visited state

Jun 05, 2013

Hi - I'm not sure why but when using a visited state in my course, the user cannot use the tab to re-visit if they choose. The also cannot select sections in the menu if they have already visited them. I used layered slides with a trigger that enables the Next button when each tab (layer) has been visited.

I found in support that the Disable state behaves this way, although I'm not using it - Disabled is an available state in my template. Is it causing the issue? Should I just remove that state?

I've used the same template before the recent upgrade without this issue.

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. . . and soon!

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Renee Lubaway

Hi Peter, 

The issue has been resolved. The slide properties were set to slide advance automatically although I had set a trigger requiring Next to be enabled only when each tab was visited. That created a conflict that showed up when the user tried to revisit a section from the main agenda. I set each section to slide advances by user in the slide properties panel and the issue went away. Success! 

I don't give up easily.


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