Help with button sets


I am using a button set to walk through an example for one of my courses. When you click on a button in the visited state there is a call out with information. 

The buttons travel along a winding road that curves around and back. The issue I am experiencing is that the buttons are showing through the callouts. Is there a way to bring the call out to the front and not allow any buttons underneath it to show through?



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Leanne Falconer


Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. I have attached the file. 

I am trying to achieve two things. One tell a story along a timeline and two indicate movement along the timeline with a man walking.

The issue I am having is that the buttons are showing through the text boxes I have created for the selected states even though they have a sold white fill. 

Thx for looking at this for me.


Emily Ruby

Hello Leanne,

Thanks for sharing the file. The buttons are showing over top of the states due to the order of the items on the timeline. Since button 1 is at the top of the timeline, it will always show on top of every other item, even when their states change. You could either change the state callouts to different sizes/positions so they are not under the other buttons, or possibly make the callouts in separate layers.