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Jan 18, 2016

Hi all,

I am working on a course which outlines specific electrical regulations when performing a set task (I understand if you leave now :-) ). I would like the participant to click onto an image depicting the regulation to light box the slide with the regulatory information. I have set the images around an illustrated character which I am attempting to interact as the participants hover over each individual picture. I have done this by setting up different states on that character, and adding a trigger on each image to change the state when hovered, and Light Box the specific slide required when the image is selected.

This works in the first instance (when the slide first loads), but as soon as an image is selected, and the light box is closed, the normal state disappears, so if an image is not being hovered over then the normal state character is not on the slide.

I have attempted adding in another trigger to change the state to normal when control loses focus on each image, but that only returns the character in the state and not the dialogue box I have inserted. I have also tried all the different slide settings (i.e. Reset to initial state, resume saved and Automatically decide).

I apologise if I have not made any sense in my post, but I have included the .story file for you to have a look at. Any assistance with this would be great!!


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Scott Readett

Hi Andrew, 

The issue is when a user clicks and opens the lightbox it pauses the initial page. This results in the state remaining to be changed until you refresh the page. 

A quick solution would be to add a trigger to the initial page that changes to the character state to normal when they click outside character 1. 

Additionally you could use layers to achieve the same outcome. I have attached a copy of the storyline file for you. 

Hope this helps and good luck! 

Andrew Chalmers


Thanks for the quick response. The layers work well and as you said they do the same job.

I am still wondering why when you change states and return to 'normal' on character 1 it doesn't include the dialogue box which is set up in the state?? Anyway, I can work with this, at least I have a better way of developing this scene.



Scott Readett

Hi Andrew, 

I haven't found out why the dialogue box is disappearing when the character's state returns to normal - however I have found a solution that will ensure that it does. 

I have inserted a hotspot in front of the character but behind all of the elements with the rule to change the state of the character to normal with the restore on mouse leave unchecked. Not pretty, but works.  

Copy attached for you. 


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