Help with conditions for the next button

Jun 23, 2012

How do I do next so that the button appears only after all the buttons slides have been visited?

I have a sequence of buttons to "call" different scenes.

I created a scene late to class, but I want the button that the call appears only after all the other scenes have been seen and their buttons have been seen / clicked.

How do I do this?


Debora alavarce

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Marcus K

Hi Jill, 

Thank you for making the screenr video referenced above. This was extremely helpful!

I would like to do something similar but just a bit more complex. Would it be possible to hide the Next button (like you show here) but have the "visited" buttons on completely different pages than where the Next button ultimately appears? 

I am attempting to build three separate paths which can be explored in any order. Each of these then have three more paths. Hence, the user would need to view nine different slides before the Next button would allow them to advance to the subsequent sections. Is this doable? And do you have a suggestion for the best way to do this? 


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