How to hide Next button until all content is viewed

Sep 05, 2018

Hi all, I'm a very new Articulate Storyline 2 user and I'm hoping someone can help me.

I have a slide with 16 buttons/layers. I want to disable the Next button for the slide (which I know how to do) and add in a custom NEXT button that only appears AFTER participants have viewed all 16 layers. 

I believe I do this with conditions in triggers, but I'm not sure how. I've attached the file and a screenshot of the next button I've added (I haven't disabled the system Next button yet).

The custom button is on slide 1.2

Thank you!

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Walt Hamilton

It looks good. All you need is some way to keep track of when all the layers have been viewed.  This trigger won't work, because if the button is hidden, it can't be clicked.


You need to use variables, like I did in the sample. I only changed the Training and Quality and Sourcing buttons, but if you click both of them in either order, the NEXT button shows.

FYI When you click a button with a Visited state, the system automatically changes it to Visited state. Creating triggers like this can cause conflicts and problems with those built-in actions:



Jamie Dyra

Thank you Walt!

This is the idea that I'm trying to get, exactly. However, the custom NEXT button appears before all of the button layers are visited. It is triggering when I hit the "Sourcing" layer which is the bottom left row and there are three other layers (social, seller risk, and content) that haven't been viewed yet. Any ideas why that is? 

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