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Lora Alston

I attached the story file. If you type all of the words correctly but they are not in the correct order, it is not advancing when you click next to the incorrect slide. (That is the problem) For some reason, you can put in one word wrong and it will advance to the incorrect or not put any words in and it will advance but not if all of the words are spelled correctly but not in the correct order. I appreciate the help!

Leslie McKerchie

I'm not seeing the behavior you are reporting Lora, unless I am misunderstanding.

Here is your published output: https://cloud.scorm.com/sc/InvitationConfirmEmail?publicInvitationId=4e5e3f7f-acdf-4af5-abe1-0a553869e49e

Do you see the same behavior?

I can pass the quiz, fail the quiz with bogus answers, and legitimately fail with correctly spelled answers in the wrong order and get results as expected - on the 3rd fail, the layer showing the correct order.