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Bret Jorgensen

Hello Deb, 

The way I see it is, you are not giving yourself enough credit for trying such complex interactions. The project and method you're trying to use for your progress bar is aggressive and does not dictate a :( at all. 

That said, after diving into your project for quite some time my strong recommendation would be to take another path for displaying progress to your learners. I think a different indicator type and use of variables would suit you better. 

I would look at a simple approach like those you'll find here and other interesting ideas referenced in this thread.

If you are still having difficulty we'd be happy to take a look further at your file as part of a support case submission.

Best of luck!


Deb Elliott

Hi, Bret, and thank you for your thoughts and time spent so far.

Some issues with your recommendation are that I’ve already incorporated it into two other modules, my management has approved its use, and I’ve also spent many hours on getting it to work in those. I will look at your suggestions and consider other options, but I may have to come back to you for help on this one. This course will probably be the most challenging that we’ll develop in this curriculum, until we get to a more scenario-based approach for our more advanced, sophisticated learners.

I may have to return to my original approach of viewing a chunk of slides as a part of a percentage of 10, and apply it that way.

Have a great weekend!