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Nov 28, 2018

Hi have set up this slide with 2 text entry boxes and cannot get it to show my correct/incorrect feedback properly. It needs to be a "graded" quiz.

I have it setup to try 2 times and I see the Try Again layer, but when I enter the correct value, I see the incorrect feedback layer.

The answer for both is a value of 3. 

On the Form View of my Pick One, I don't see anyplace to select both text boxes or no text boxes. I know this can be achieved with triggers but need a little help.

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Charles Radanovich

Hi Przemek,

I'm back with another problem, and I'm hoping you can take a look at this and help me out. I can't find a reason for this behavior but maybe it will be obvious to you.

This is the file you sent me a day ago with the addition of a Result slide. The Correct feedback is shown when I submit the interaction, but on Review Quiz I get my Review feedback, with the 'Incorrect" banner at the bottom.

Thanks in advance.

Przemysław Hubisz


I have change setting for 'When revisiting' option for the question slide to automatically decide. Because even in review mode it was cancelling squares selection and it was evaluated to incorrect when this setting was: Reset to initial state. 

Hope it works now as you expect.


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