Help with portfolio interactivity

Hi everyone. At long last I am getting my act together and building a portfolio site. My problem is I can't figure out how to display interactive elements on the site. I am currently building a Wordpress site, but Wordpress doesn't host .swfs and I can't figure out where I need to host the published folders to create the links.

What have you guys found is the best approach to tackling this? Host the files somewhere else and use a link in the site? Or just build a site using a WYSIWYG program like Dreamweaver or Muse and host everything with my ISP?

Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated.



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Crystal Horn

Hi Andrew!  I wanted to drop this link in here which advertises a WordPress plugin for your Articulate content.  It was developed as an independent project by one of our staff, so Articulate doesn't provide support for it.  You can always reach out to Brian through his site, though.

If other folks in the community can offer some guidance, we welcome that, too!