Help with randomising questions using question banks in Articulate 360

Jul 19, 2018

I'm hoping someone out there can help me, I have created a quiz with 5 different question banks, 30 questions in total.  I want to select different random questions from each bank at each attempt, to a total of 15 questions.  So for example select 2 from bank A, 4 from bank B, 2 from bank C, 5 from bank D and 2 from bank E.

I 'm sure I have set this up right in 360, however when I go to view the slide draw the 'include x questions' field always seems to default back to 'all', giving me way too many questions for my quiz!

Has anyone else come up against this challenge?  I have gone through the slide draw and re-selected my preferences then saved, and even saved my settings for each question bank individually however it keeps resetting.

Screenshots included below, thanks in advance!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rebecca.  That doesn't sound right!  After I create a draw and choose how many, I was able to view that same question draw slide again from Story View with the settings saved.

Can you take a Peek screencast of what you're seeing on your end?

Also, is this happening in one file in particular?  If you can share your .story file, I'll check it out!

Rebecca Potter

Hi I find that my file is behaving in a similar way to yours, however see the video below for what is happening - when the file is published it doesn't save the settings and displays all the questions instead of selecting them randomly.

I have 4 files that are behaving the same way... do you think it may be worth me starting again and copying the question slides over into a new file?

Crystal Horn

Hi Rebecca.  When you modify your question draw slide, it looks like you might be trying to do a draw from multiple question banks.  When you add a draw, it can pull from only one of your question banks.  When you used the dropdown at the top to change question banks, it will reset the rest of the draw options, like the number of questions being pulled for that draw.  

Once you choose a bank, and then the number of questions and save it, you should find that you are getting only that number from that question bank.  To draw more questions from other banks, you'll use a draw slide for each bank.  If you want to really intersperse questions from multiple banks, you might need to use more draw slides.

After publishing, you're right - once the settings are saved, you should only see the number of questions you've chosen.  If that's not happening, let's have a look at your .story file and try to find out why.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Martin.

Thank you for reaching out!

When you have multiple quiz banks, you need to create a draw (selection of questions) per bank, as you won't be able to mix them into a single draw. 

You can only pick one bank at a time: 

Screen Recording 2022-05-27 at 09.10.09 AM

In the example below, I have questions coming from three banks, but all in separate draws:

Windows 10 (1) 2022-05-27 at 9.09.07 AM

I hope this helps!

Martin Gregson

Hi Maria

Thank you for the replay.

But you are incorrect, I have now accomplished the selection of different draws from many question banks.

All within one scene

14 topics/banks with varying degrees of draw from 3 to 5 questions. 120 question test from about 500 questions.

All from a mixed bank of questions


Thank you