HELP with Results page and variables

Good Morning Wonderful EL Heroes!

I am refreshing a course that was created by someone else (never much fun) and the results page is acting up. I know it has something to do with variables (which honestly is my weakness here) can someone please assist me with why if only correct answers are submitted the results display fail? Your assistance is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Daniel Servan

Hi Marquita,

Checking your file now... :)

In Q2, try to change the Point for Correct Feedback to 20. I am not sure why it was 10?
I hope I understand your problem and this is my solution.


Passing score is 80.
If you have 1 mistake, supposedly you will get 80%, but since Q2 has given 10points only, then you will get 70%. :) Maybe you will get a Pass result when you intentionally make Q2 a wrong answer.