Help with Storyline 360 Presentation and Logitech Presentation Remote

May 30, 2020

I have a Storyline file published to my website. I would like users to be able to use a presentation remote such as the Logitech R800 remote to navigate the presentation. The navigation inside of this presentation is very simple, only previous and next slides. I have setup the slide advance triggers to work with the up and down arrows (after trying it with left and right). When I launch the presentation the remote will not advance the slides. The keyboard works, with the up and down area, however the buttons on the remote do not. However, if I click the button on the remote that mirrors F5 it stops the presentation. So this means the remote is working and communicating with the presentation, however the slide advancement is not working with the remote, but it is with the keyboard. This is extremely frustrating as this is holding up my entire project delivery. Can someone please help?

Thank you in advance!


Update: We have tried to add a text field to give focus, both on and off canvas and it is still not working :(

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Sam Hill

Sorry Joe, I would have thought the text field hack would have worked too, as the slide does need focus before the keyboard shortcuts work.

My only other recommendation would be to look at a JavaScript solution, to at least capture the keyboard event and see if Storyline is seeing the mapped key being pressed. If this is picked up in the JavaScript event, you can then at least look at controlling the navigation through JS. I've not had experience with pointers, so not sure if this is a common problem, and whether others have had issues and resolved them.

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